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HSS-Shakha Achar Paddhati:

Achar Paddhati is a formal procedure that is followed at the beginning and ending of a Sangh Shakha (branch). For any organization with a large number of branches, it is important to have standard procedures across some common programs.

Sangh is an organization, but most importantly a family, that is built on informal relationships amongst the swayamsevaks/sevikas. They come together and bond with the common mission of Vishwa Mangala Hetave and Vishwa Shanti Pravartake.

Sanskar-giving wholesome activities for physical, intellectual and psychological well being – are engaged in Shakha.  Bhagwa Dhwaj, rendered as our Guru in Sangh, is a symbol of our Dharma and culture representing purity, knowledge and sacrifice. Hence the presence of Bhagwa Dhwaj makes Shakha-sthan (a place where Shakha is held) a sacred place for learning and sadhana.

Everyone comes to Shakha from their own engagements and with different thoughts in mind. Achar Paddhati at the beginning helps to gather our minds to immerse in the activities of the Shakha. It thus brings order and discipline in the program and helps inculcate discipline in our lives.

Achar Paddhati at the end is our way of showing respect to the Guru (Bhagwa Dhwaj) and remembering our cultural heritage from the past and also a reminder of our current duty towards society and Dharma. The earnest atmosphere during the Achar Paddhati, including singing prarthana collectively with an oath to make the universal dharma victorious, is one way of experiencing this unity with a purpose.

It is therefore important that all of us understand the spirit behind Achar Paddhati and follow it faithfully.

Achar Paddhati booklet(PDF Attachement):

This booklet explains the detailed procedures of “starting the shakha” and “concluding the shakha.”

Shakha formation sketch
Shakha starting and concluding Agnyas:
Shakha Starting
Shakha concluding
Whistle (one long one short; one long one short) / Sangh Swasthan Whistle (one long three short) / Agresara
Sangh Daksha Agresara Samyak
Arama Agresara Arama
Agresara Whistle (one long two short) / Sangh Sampata
Agresara Samyak Sangh Daksha
Agresara Arama Sangh Samyak
Sangh Sampata Agresara Ardha Vruta
Sangh Daksha Sankhya
Sangh Samyak Arama
Agresara Ardha Vruta Sangh Daksha
Sangh Arama Arama
Sangh Daksha Sangh Daksha
Dhwaja Pranam-Ek, Do, Teen Whistle (one short) / Prarthana
Sankhya Dhwaja Pranam-Ek, Do, Teen
Arama Sangh Vikira
Sangh Daksha
Sangh Daksha