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Anak Course

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Preparing for your gana
  • At least 6 pairs of sharikas. (drumsticks)
  • At least 7 items to tap drumstick on. (Can be books, binders, practice pads, carpet etc. Do NOT tap on hard ground. )
  • At least 5 rachana (song) packets

The sharika, just like books, calculators, and cars, are to be respected. Make sure your shikshartis (students) understand this, and remind them everytime they disrespect their sharikas.

When marching, the anak is on the left side. So, make sure your shikshartis are sitting with legs folded and back straight, tapping their sharikas on their left side. Keeping your back straight prepares you for marching while carrying the heavy drum. Once appropriate, ask your shikshartis to look straight in front of them while playing to their left.  Often, we tend to play too quickly, always monitor your shiksharti’s speed. It is very difficult to change the habit of playing too fast after long time, so make sure they get it right from beginning.

Practice is very much essential to the efficiency of each lesson. Most of the time, shikshartis go home and practice without being told, but there are always those who require little more reminding. Make sure your sessions are not too long, and make sure the shikshartis are having FUN! Otherwise, they tend not to practice!

Course Outline
**************** 1st month
Lesson 1) Holding the sharika
2) Reading the notes
3) Proper posture
Materials 1) Sharikas + Surface to tap
2) Beginning Notes (no rachanas yet…)