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Press Release

18th June 2024  

Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS) Australia would like to address the recent airing of the Four Corners program on Monday, 17th June. The program’s depiction of our organization was grossly biased, inaccurate and simply outrageous, leading to misconceptions and misrepresentations of our core values and mission. 

The content presented in the program was factually incorrect and drew unacceptable conclusions to fulfill its own agenda. Anecdotes were sourced from an individual with limited insight into our organization, who was not even a regular attendee, resulting in a portrayal that does not reflect the true essence of HSS Australia.

 It is important to emphasize that HSS Australia is an Australia-based, registered, family-based socio-cultural organization dedicated to instilling values of selfless work (Sewa) and civic responsibility to serve the local Australian community. Sewa, fundamental to our organization, was regrettably absent from the program’s narrative. 

We denounce, in the strongest possible way, the biased manner in which HSS Australia and its core values have been misrepresented. The sentiments of our attendees, nationwide, have been significantly hurt. 

We also condemn and question how a state-funded media house has been allowed to air such a programme with such distorted facts. 

We demand an apology from the ABC for spreading these factual inaccuracies to the broader public. 

Our commitment to integrity, service, and community engagement remains unwavering. We stand by our mission to contribute positively to Australian society and will continue to uphold the values upon which HSS Australia was founded. 


For further information, contact info@hssaus.org